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  • CocoW.

    Hello,back in Freiburg after a few years in Dublin and Galway and some time in the German midlands. Former (bad) guitar-strummer, post accident that shattered my elbow nerve I now play the mandolin, that I can hold without problems and love playing. Recen...

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  • Badischkeller

    I'm from Germany and I sing, and also play the Bodhran in a Folk Band and a local Irish Music Session.

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  • Niall Curran

    I am from Ireland but I live in Germany. I am playing the fiddle since I was 7 although I have taken several "break" from the music. The first one was for three years when I was 16, the next was two after a 1 year stint when I was 19, and then again a 2 y...

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  • Craig Bloore

    I am from the midlands in England but I have been living in the Black forest in Germany for the last years.

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  • Lumi Ketonen

    Hi, I am currently living in the Black Forest in Germany and play Viola/Violin. For many years I have played the cello- but mainly classical music in orchestras. When I went to school in CT I was more into Bluegrass and I miss it!

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    France alone whistle, flute, concertina, bodhran

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  • jean-christophe.louis

    Fiddle player

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