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  • crannog

    Actual Band is "Handel Missed The Pint", where I mainly play fiddle and sing backing vocals, sometimes on bodhran, mando or guitar. My mates are irishman Eddie Burns (git, voc, mando) and Yaro Jezewski from Poland (button box & some decent midi programmin...

  • Martino

    I'm born in Hamburg, living in Augsburg and I play the anglo conertina.

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  • Attila Tapolczai

    My name is Attila Tapolczai, I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and I'm currently living in Augsburg, Germany. I play guitar and mandolin. I spent a long time in Galway where I got familiar with most of the Irish instrumental music.

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  • operatorofhell

    I'm from Dinkelscherben. I started playing piano accordion.

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    From Munich, Bavaria, lived in Innsbruck, Tyrol now back.

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