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  • La_grotte

    I am an American living near Munich, Germany. I am mostly self-taught. After years of bouncing around between Irish and Medieval/Renaissance music--I at one time used to play a rebec at an Irish session--I am presently playing wire, bray and simple-pedal...


    I´m singing, playing guitar, bouzouki, Fiddle and some bagpipes.

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  • pfeiffermit3f

    Uilleann Piper

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  • Dalta na bPíob

    Rookie uilleann piper and whistle player from Munich, Germany.

  • PhilippSchult

    Landshut Bavaria

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  • Marius

    I've been playing the recorder for a while and I am new to learning the tin whistle.

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  • technomartin
  • mandjozouki

    From Dublin, living in Munich. New to the mandolin and just took up the tenor banjo and greek bouzouki too. Just in it for the craic.

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