Members near La Mézière, Bretagne

  • Kejim


  • Moulouf

    Playing the low whistle near Rennes, in Brittany... and obviously the biniou (breton bagpipe) !

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  • paskou35

    tenor banjo & tenor guitar player

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  • Gadaya

    I'm a 38 year old musician from France, playing folk and traditional music from America and the British Isles on different string instruments (Guitar, fiddle, 5-string banjo mainly). I focus more on old-time american music and my fiddle playing these days...

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    BAG PIPE clarinette wistle saxophone bombarde

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  • fanche
  • Tristan Auvray


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  • chatton
  • Menguy Erwan

    Erwan menguy, flute player from Brittany.

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