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  • CedMoign

    I live in Brittany, near Brest. I am a biniou player, a highland piper and I also play wooden flute. I teach traditional music in the Conservatoire of music, dance and drama of Brest. I play a lot of Breton music and Scottish music as well. I am very much...

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  • arecibo

    Stephane, from Brest, Brittany, France

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  • Ceuranar

    Flute player from the Trégor area (Brittany), living in Brest now. I play both breton and irish traditional music.

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  • ThePangoDude

    Guitar, tenor banjo & bodhran player from brittany.

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  • Bev Newman-Rommens
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  • MGX

    I'm french, i'm living in Brest in Brittany. I play the flute and juste a bit of violin.

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  • Thierrish Irishzic


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