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  • Bernard Noseworthy

    I play nothing great however guitar was my first instrument. I dabble with the mandolin, Banjo, harmonica and I just aquired an Irish Bouzouki or ( octave mandolin ) which I love and I am trying to find a site where I can learn to play the Irish Tunes. …

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  • TomP

    Hi everyone! I’m actually a bassist in the celtic band Cookeilidh based in Victoria, BC Canada. I’m looking to learn more including studying melodys in treble clef!

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  • Brian Bolli

    I play the Ukulele but I am interested in learning how to play traditional Irish and American fiddle tunes on the Ukulele.

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  • JD Erskine

    Dance caller, singer, dancer (many forms of country and folk dance), dance organiser/networker, neophyte Anglo and melodeon player - both G/C. Victoria, BC, Canada, eh

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  • Cynthia Lazaruk

    Hi, I am learning to play the Anglo C/G concertina. This is my very first instrument of any kind. I use the ABC notation to learn tunes since I don’t read music. It is great. Lots to learn but loving it. I live in Victoria BC.

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  • RickPick
  • Evachanko

    violin/fiddling, live /work in Victoria, BC, currently taking lesson

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  • chloenakahara

    fiddler from Prince George/Victoria B.C

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