Members near Paris, Île-de-France

  • Anne-So

    I live in Paris, I play the tin whistle and I'm in the process of taming a flute.

    joined 3 years ago
  • Laura Mi


    joined 8 months ago
  • thibault simbozel

    whistler from france

    joined 2 years ago
  • Magnoux joined one year ago
  • pablopernot joined 6 years ago
  • maen

    Pierre Tassel

    joined 2 years ago
  • Ramine

    French guitar player for one year and a half now, i'm just starting to learn music celtic and all those beautiful tunes.

    joined 6 years ago
  • juberl

    I've been a guitar player for eight years and discovered the bouzouki and mandolin lately - along with the DADGAD tuning. I mostly play songs but I want to work on traditional dances. I live in Paris, France.

    joined 11 months ago
  • Drouchk


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  • wszelaki

    I'm from France, I live near Paris and I play tenor banjo, octav mandola and guitar.

    joined 6 years ago