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  • BWoollcombe

    Formerly fluent in French art music for saxophone, but I'm recovering. Currently playing flutes and whistles. 1845 BS Dulcet Improved 8-key, 1820 Goulding 8-Key.

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  • davidddddd


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  • bmcivor

    I live on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. I play fiddle and guitar with a small group here. Current projects are learning some fingerstyle tunes in DADGAD tuning and continuing the (mostly enjoyable) struggle with the fiddle. Our last tri...

  • Colum McCready

    I play the 4 and 5 string banjos, the mandolin and the guitar.

    joined 11 months ago
  • Don Eadie

    I grew up in Ireland (Kerry), but moved to Canada when I was 22. I live on Mayne Island off the coast of British Columbia. I play primarily mandolin, also tenor banjo, and guitar to accompany singing.

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  • Darrel Zell

    From British Columbia in Canada, Play Anglo concertina, did a trip to Ireland last spring and am playing jigs and reels

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  • JWFrank

    Live in Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, Canada. Play guitar, mandolin, ukulele and fiddle. Love Irish traditional music!

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  • Siusaidh

    I live on Vancouver Island in BC. I love celtic music. I like to sing and play Celtic Harp, guitar, bodhran and am learning fiddle and mandolin. I am finding fiddle going a bit slowly.

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  • Patrick Smith

    I live in British Columbia Canada. I play mandolin, tin whistle, hammer dulcimer, guitar and bass.

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  • Mike Ballantyne

    Just a wee note.

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