Members near Marly-le-Roi, Île-de-France

  • thejackal

    Tin whistle and aspiring concertina player. I also enjoy Breton and Scottish music, folk metal, and anything that has high energy and more than 90 bpms.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Pierre-Alexis Courty

    Rock, blues, fusion, jazz Guitar payer from France. I’ve been listening go Irish music as far as I can remember but got into playing this genre suite recently.

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  • Chris joined 8 years ago
  • jgm

    I live in France and play low whistle and pipes

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  • Michel B

    Lives in France ( west area of Paris and Brittany). Plays tin whistle, low whistle, and a bit of wooden flute. Musical tastes : celtic music (Ireland, Brittany, Scotland…), baroque and Renaissance art music. Practice of Breton folk dances.

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  • bcoudrin joined 5 years ago
  • Joel Maurice Amar

    Je joue du violon et habite en région parisienne.

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  • Kakahuet

    I’m a young flutist from Paris, France. I practice wooden flute and whistles (low and tin) for irish music. I also play the bass, the guitar and transverse flute for other styles.

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  • Luc Massot joined 4 years ago
  • Ellen Hampton

    I’m hoping your site will be useful to me in teaching History of Music and Social Change at Sciences Po in Reims and Paris this spring (2015). In this course, I often trace a song from its roots to its position in a later context. I came upon your site …

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