Members near Poissy, Île-de-France

  • jgm

    I live in France and play low whistle and pipes

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  • thejackal

    Tin whistle and aspiring concertina player. I also enjoy Breton and Scottish music, folk metal, and anything that has high energy and more than 90 bpms.

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  • Michel B

    Lives in France (Paris area). Plays tin whistle, low whistle, tries to blow in an Irish flute from time to time. Musical tastes : celtic music (Ireland, Brittany, Scotland...), baroque and Renaissance art music, and a lot of things in rock and metal areas...

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  • Pierre-Alexis Courty

    Rock, blues, fusion, jazz Guitar payer from France. I've been listening go Irish music as far as I can remember but got into playing this genre suite recently.

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  • Kakahuet

    I'm a young flutist from Paris, France. I practice wooden flute and whistles (low and tin) for irish music. I also play the bass, the guitar and transverse flute for other styles.

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  • Olivier


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