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  • Richard Osban


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  • Traditionalfolks
  • Benedict Kutzer

    Mandola, Bodhrán

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  • Hatzel

    I am 26, from germany and I started violin at the begining of this year. I take no lessons i try to learn it my self.

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  • David McMahon

    I'm from Dublin originally and now live in Bavaria. I play the c# / d box which began after I met the famous Timmy "the brit" McCarthy at a dance workshop here in Bavaria.

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  • Tango Alpha

    I'm 46 and I live in Lower Bavaria. Normally I am more into classical music and play the viola, the German flute and the clarinet, but I love Irish music and spend most of my holidays in Ireland. So I thought I'd give it a try and got myself a fine fiddle...

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  • Andreas Fingas


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  • Alan MOR

    I am 60 and I play a lot of instruments always in celtic music. I live in Britanny.

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