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  • mawollenix

    I'm from Germany and i play Bagpipe

    joined one year ago
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  • Cal

    I'm a total newby to playing music but an old hand at listening and appreciating it... my new wife is a very talented violinist/fiddler and I'm slowly turning her on to "the dark side" of violin music... (i.e.- all of that "icky" fun stuff like reels, ji...

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  • Andean Emerald

    Germany, Karlsruhe & Kaiserslautern

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  • Henry

    I'm (originally) from California's Central Valley. I'm a beginner on the five-string banjo, but I also play violin, some guitar, and bass. I'd really like to learn how to play mandolin as well.

    joined 3 years ago
  • ege

    I play classical and acoustic guitar. I am also a novice ukulele and recorder player.

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  • Philippe LAUGEL

    I'm from France and play 5 strings Banjo and harmonica. I'm a beginner

    joined 4 years ago