Members near Vancouver, British Columbia

  • January
  • Alisha

    I live in Vancouver, BC, and after a few initial lessons, have been plunking away on my own. I learn mostly by ear, and find Irish fiddle tunes fun; I hope to learn more tunes and practice getting comfortable playing in public in informal settings.

    joined 5 years ago
  • MapleLeafScot

    My name is Steve, and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I play the fiddle and penny whistle, and I dabble a bit with the guitar.

  • John Jandera

    I live in Vancouver BC. My name is John Jandera, and I play the Irish tenor banjo.

  • Buttons O'Brien joined 10 months ago
  • gary poole

    hi my nane is gary poole.i am from Vancouver bc.i play the piano and the accordion.i have been playing for about 35 years.thanks for having me.

    joined 8 years ago
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  • Nathan Shubert

    Versatile keyboardist, dadgad guitarist, web developer.

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  • Graham Baldwin

    I'm English by birth, but have lived in Vancouver BC Canada since 1980. I dance the morris with the Vancouver Morris Men and play melodeon both for the morris and in the Rattlebone Band which focuses on English ceilidh, country dance and contra. I al...

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