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  • mandocello8

    I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I play guitars and mandolins. I learn to play flutes and whistles.

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  • caitlanr
  • Dennis Amott

    Hello. I originally played violin with the Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra for over 12 years. So, I do know a lot of Scottish and Irish tunes. However, more recently I switched to the accordion because I suffered a nasty accident to my left hand which really w...

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  • Kirin

    Flautist from Vancouver, Canada.

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  • chris robertson

    learning to play the fiddle in retirement!

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  • AndrewBeddoes

    Multi-instrumentalist, including guitar, violin, keyboards, drums, and vocals, I gig occasionlly with duos or my single act. Also do studio production featuring traditional instruments, married with modern electronica.

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  • gary poole

    hi my nane is gary poole.i am from Vancouver bc.i play the piano and the accordion.i have been playing for about 35 years.thanks for having me.

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  • Spencer Capier

    North Vancouver, BC Canada. I play violin, mandolins, bouzouki. I sometimes record albums for myself or other people, play some shows (in the folk pop genre as a sideman) and I teach high school to pay the mortgage.

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