Members near Luxembourg, Canton Luxembourg

  • Jacki joined 3 years ago

    I picked up my fiddle around a year ago after it had been lying in its case for almost 50 (!) years.

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  • qamar joined 8 years ago
  • claudine

    hello, I am a flute player from Luxembourg. Been lazy for a while but looking forward to taking up session playing again.

  • Old Running Asya

    Irish harp player and teacher in Luxembourg, member of luxembourgish ITM sessions in Black Stuff (oh but yes, it was many years ago)

    joined 2 years ago
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  • SPW

    I am very interested in Celtic music and I try to play the whistle, guitar and piano (all in a total beginner level).

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  • Apothecarius

    I’m from Luxembourg and play the guitar…

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  • Michael.B

    Irish bouzouki player from Trier, Germany.

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