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  • Felipe Baez

    Hi! My name is Felipe Baez, originally from Brazil but living for the past 9 years in Prague, Czech Republic. I started play the Tenor Saxophone when I was 14 and then the Soprano. Later on I also took on the Oboe but as life passes I stopped playing both...

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  • luska

    pavlina from prague, singing, playing a tin whistle, a guitar and piano accordion, loving folk and trad songs

  • Gregory McCracken

    I'm an American living in Prague, Cz. I play mandolin, tin whistle, and 5-string banjo, mainly. I'm a Montessori teacher and as part of my work, I teach music to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. I love traditional Irish music. I also take pictures!

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  • Ondřej Dobisík

    Hiya, I am a 22 year old lad from the Czech Republic, crazy about music in general, including the so-called "celtic" music.

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  • Pavel Galushko

    Mandolin, fiddle, bouzouki, guitar in DADGAD.

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  • peruginni

    Fiddler and set dancer based in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.