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  • Gregory McCracken

    I'm an American living in Prague, Cz. I play mandolin, tin whistle, and 5-string banjo, mainly. I'm a Montessori teacher and as part of my work, I teach music to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. I love traditional Irish music. I also take pictures!

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  • Ondřej Dobisík

    Hiya, I am a 22 year old lad from the Czech Republic, crazy about music in general, including the so-called "celtic" music.

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  • peruginni

    Fiddler and set dancer based in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.

  • Felipe Baez

    Hi! My name is Felipe Baez, originally from Brazil but living for the past 9 years in Prague, Czech Republic. I started play the Tenor Saxophone when I was 14 and then the Soprano. Later on I also took on the Oboe but as life passes I stopped playing both...

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  • haja024

    I'm from Prague, Czech Republic. Currently studying physics at the Charles Uni, and in desperate need of more friends to go to the pub and play and sing occasionally. Seriously, like, there is nothing more fun than the moments of shared bliss with other m...

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  • Barbora Tuzarová

    A musical newcomer from Prague playing tin whistle, in love with Irish set dancing, reading and cooking. 🙂

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