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  • Kyt Le Nen Davey

    Hi. I’m from Kernow (aka Cornwall, Cornouailles, Kerne Veur) and play mostly the traditional Celtic music of Cornwall, on accordion, mandola, piano, whistles and gaitas. I have toured with a number of groups over the years (Bucca, Anao Atao, Dalla…) a…

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  • Brian Young

    I live in Cornwall, Lead Shantyman of Miner Quay Shanty & Folk Group. I play Mandolin, Bodhran and Cajon Box. We run a weekly Shanty Night entertaining visitors to Looe along with a weekly open house where singers and musicians can entertain with thei…

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  • Whitty1

    Started playing the fiddle in 2012. I play Irish pretty much exclusively as that’s what I was brought up on. Although I *can* read music, I learn by ear and really struggle to play from sheet music.

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  • Jon Heslop

    I’m in my 70’s, live in Cornwall (UK) and play mandolin, bouzouki and guitar. Mainly Irish but a bit of Cornish, Welsh and Scots music thrown in.

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  • JimmyManley

    Jimmy in Cornwall UK,

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  • Beanzy

    mandolin, mandoloncello, fiddle, violoncello,

  • Ron Smith
  • Malcolm Martyn

    My name is Malcolm Martyn, I am from the town of Padstow in Cornwall. I am 44 years old married with three fine sons all growing fast.

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  • mollymahoney

    Mainly keyed and wind instruments, percussion and vocals. Aka Deni/Den