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  • Steve B

    Originally from UK, now live in Belgium. Play oboe, cor anglais, and various tin whistles.

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  • Trish MacDonnell

    I'm Trish MacDonnell, married to a Flemishman, currently in Belgium but hoping to move back to either Scotland (my native land) or to Ireland soon. I'm learning the whistle, high and low, I also play bodhran and a little guitar and will be learning the ma...

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  • Jan Van Gompel

    I'm from Belgian, Louvain

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  • Arend Ryckeboer

    Im from Belgium, and started playing irish music about 4 years ago when i asked a tin whistle for cristmass. I didnt play the whole time during those four years but lately i have been playing alot more on a self-made low D.

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