Members near Brighton, England

  • Graham Currie

    Previously as “Col Arco” on the session when attemting to learn Fiddle. Lived for many years in Bristol UK, then Ealing, West London now 'settled' (I hope) in Saltdean, Brighton. Previously played guitar in non folk /trad context (Swing jazz and 'exp...

  • Pauline McHugh


    joined 9 months ago
  • stella clifford

    I play accordion in a duo with mandolin.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Daniel Davies

    American born Irish/English, reverse pioneer now residing in East Sussex. Playing flutes and whistles, guitar, bass, and experiemental electronica.

    joined 7 years ago
  • Jeremy

    My name is Jeremy. I'm from the town of Cobh, county Cork but I'm living in Brighton, southern England now. I made

  • wordridden

    My name's Jessica. I'm a lapsed fiddle and whistle player. It's thanks to Jeremy that I play(ed) Irish music at all - not because I stumbled across the Session and it piqued my interest, but because I stumbled across Jeremy himself all those years ago!

  • Edward Paul Campbell

    I don't play an instrument. I'm trying to find my long lost cousin Dr Gerard (Gerry) McFadden, born Norglen Crescent, Turf Lodge, Belfast. I haven't seen him, since boyhood, for more than 45 years. The last I heard of him from his mother (more than 20 y...

    joined 4 years ago
  • Ross Adamson

    Melodeon. Mainly English. Learning some Irish.

    joined 5 months ago
  • Marius Rime

    Used to play violin when a kid. Want to learn Irish penny whistle in my mid-life. What are my chances og getting the hang of it?

    joined 4 years ago
  • Mike joined 6 years ago