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  • ianmac

    Hi, I’m new to this game! I do play the bagpipes and also strum the guitar. I recently bought a bouzouki - now 2 - with the intention of furthering my musical knowledge and playing! I have done both so far in the short time I have had …them.

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  • Harper_9

    My name is Hazel and I’m a music therapist/teacher/community musician. I enjoy improvising on any level in any style, but my heart is in trad.

  • david drew

    Started on Clarke C Whistle in Oct 2012 to practice piper’s grip in preparation for D Whistle. Had Overton D whistle since Dec and delighted with progress so far!

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  • Eve Raven

    I am Michael Raven’s widow and on having read the comments regarding Mallorca I would like to point out that this tune is printed in my husband’s (1,000) English Country Dance Tunes and not in A Minstrel’s Delight. The latter was never published.

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  • Tim Ross

    Hi there,

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  • JoBarnes
  • ceoltas

    Uilleann Piper. Still learning after 21+ years! I play an Robbie Hughes set and Hunter chanter and a lovely flat Andreas Rogge set in B. I also play mandolin and a bit of whistle (sort of).

  • BanjoBoy

    From West Sussex

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  • Bazza

    Trad music enthusiast in W Sussex (South of England). Part of a small band called The Rude Mechanicals (nothing to do with any theatre company of the same name). Further info plus big tune library at

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