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  • Gene Myers

    Learning Irish folk music on the harmonica

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  • JayN

    27 years old, live in Brighton, started learning tin whistle this year as a way of learning to read music and getting into English folk without having to fork out for a melodeon. Also dipping my toes into Finnish folk music as my partner is Finnish.

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  • Bob Fellingham

    Have played violin in local orchestras for many years. Also concert flute and accordion. Enjoy making bansuri , native american, and other flutes. Am now trying to learn folk music, and it’s hard memorising the stuff ! Live in Shoreham ,West Sussex.

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  • jamesa

    Banjo, mandolin, fiddle. Loves D mixolydian.

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  • Terence . M . Rumble

    I live in the Cotswolds, play and sing country folk with banjo and guitar (not at the same time) at present I play Accordian for a small ‘Appalachian’ Dance group.

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  • RobertB.

    On/Off fiddler of about 10 years

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  • Paul Fallows

    I’m from Brighton and I play the Ukulele but I’m trying to learn the whistle.

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  • Elizabeth Reeves


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