Members near Emsworth, England

  • pizak

    I make and play whistles... mainly Irish and English tunes.

  • neilhamer

    I play fiddle, guitar and mandolin, live in Emsworth, Hampshire, near the Sussex border, UK, and play music from Co Clare and beyond.

  • RKHambridge

    I'm from Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. I play keyboards, melodica, melodeon; also some guitar and recorder. I began learning the piano when I was eight years old, and progressed to guitar and pipe organ. I taught myself to play the melodeon in the early e...

  • Paul Karas

    A beginner - guitar (classical/flamenco background) and wooden flute - mainly Scottish and Shetland music at the moment just for fun and the wonderful atmosphere. Nowhere near skilled enough to perform - but happy to learn and practice with others.

    joined one year ago
  • Nick Bates

    A musician of very moderate ability, I am very enthusiastic about all aspects of English and French traditional dance music. I have struggled with the hurdy gurdy for many years but for the last year I have been putting most of my musical effort into le...

    joined 8 years ago
  • mornard0 joined 5 years ago
  • BarneyMac

    Brought up in Cavan in 1960s/70s living in Portsmouth since 1985. Bought first box in '97, founder member Feckless 2003. Played with Hanging Tree Band for 2 years. Now in new band Vicar's Crackpipe.

  • Steve Bullen

    Play Guitar, Ukulele and am learning the DG melodeon. I am part of a folk trio called Round the Edges.

    joined 5 years ago
  • stacey

    Hi........ If you ever have the misfortune to come across me you'll be surprised to find out that I'm not the blond haired, big breasted, whippet waisted lovely that you might expect. I am in fact an age challenged, beer gutted fiddle and banjo player fro...

  • Jonnyboy