Members near Emsworth, England

  • neilhamer

    I play fiddle, guitar and mandolin, live in Emsworth, Hampshire, near the Sussex border, UK, and play music from Co Clare and beyond.

  • pizak

    I make and play whistles... mainly Irish and English tunes.

  • RKHambridge

    I'm from Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. I play keyboards, melodica, melodeon; also some guitar and recorder. I began learning the piano when I was eight years old, and progressed to guitar and pipe organ. I taught myself to play the melodeon in the early e...

  • Paul Karas

    A beginner - guitar (classical/flamenco background) and wooden flute - mainly Scottish and Shetland music at the moment just for fun and the wonderful atmosphere. Nowhere near skilled enough to perform - but happy to learn and practice with others.

    joined one year ago
  • Nick Bates

    A musician of very moderate ability, I am very enthusiastic about all aspects of English and French traditional dance music. I have struggled with the hurdy gurdy for many years but for the last year I have been putting most of my musical effort into le...

    joined 8 years ago
  • mornard0 joined 5 years ago
  • BarneyMac

    Brought up in Cavan in 1960s/70s living in Portsmouth since 1985. Bought first box in '97, founder member Feckless 2003. Played with Hanging Tree Band for 2 years. Now in new band Vicar's Crackpipe.

  • Steve Bullen

    Play Guitar, Ukulele and am learning the DG melodeon. I am part of a folk trio called Round the Edges.

    joined 5 years ago
  • timthefluter

    I play the Irish flute, live near Portsmouth in Hampshire, and play in a local trad Irish band called 'The Courtiers'.

  • FiddleandStrum joined 2 years ago