Members near Mid Devon, England

  • Sarah Swadling

    Concertina, Tenor Banjo

    joined 10 years ago
  • Rex White

    Live in the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. I play whistles, mandolin and tenor guitar

    joined 10 years ago
  • Bernie Samuel

    I’m from Yeoford in Mid Devon. I sing, play guitar and mandolin.

    joined 2 years ago
  • Charlie6345

    Just started to learn the violin, already play clawhammer banjo.

    joined 10 months ago
  • Trevor Cook

    Hi Im Trevor now from Exeter originally from Durham. Ive played blues, ragtime and folk guitar for half a century. During a ten year stint on my own in Glasgow I bought a mandolin with the aim of being able to play in sessions.

    joined 4 years ago
  • Lincoln boy

    I live in a village on Dartmoor in Devon and I am trying to learn to play the tin whistle. If there is any players who live in the Dartmoor area and could give some help, either practical or just to chat I would really like to hear from you.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Heather Holt

    Play fiddle, melodeon & guitar - sometimes sing!

    joined 4 years ago
  • Michael Patrick Kelly joined 8 years ago

    I live on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, England, UK, and play the violin and viola

    joined 4 years ago
  • Sammi

    I play several things with no great degree of skill, but I have a lot of fun doing it.

    joined 3 years ago