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  • Mudchutney

    I play chromatic button accordion, live in Somerset, UK and love playing Irish music.

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  • craptiger
  • Dennis Hawker joined 2 years ago
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  • Oldbear343

    Ageing Bear, guitar, ukulele, banjo-ukulele, one-row (child's!), fiddle (atrocious!), 5 string banjo and mandolin soon (hopefully), whistle (minimal)....ex lead gutarist/bassist....

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  • David Longhurst

    I live in Taunton and play an Anglo Concertina

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  • Dominic Faulkner

    West Dorset, fiddle and associated stuff

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  • George Ian Coupe

    I am known as Ian, I live in Somerton, Somerset. UK.

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