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    From Folkestone In the U.K., playing mandolin with the East Cliff Folk Collective and occasionally with The Piston Broke Band. Play a mix of trad English, Irish and Scottish music with occasional outbursts of Morris tunes, shanty singing as well as more ...

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  • HeathenHighlander

    I'm a Scottish Highlander living in South East Kent, and I'm currently relearning the bagpipes on a set of McCallum folk pipes, which I love.

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  • Christine Curtis-Sheppard

    I bought a 40 bass piano accordian from an old man in Gloucestershire for £25 in 1982.Id learnt to play accordian at Ashford North Girls school and after I left wanted to continue.Now 37 years later the accordian has been on my many travels and is still...

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  • Anthony Cox

    Melodeon (single row) and guitar. Resident Kent: Irish extraction from the Dukes of Dublin and the Haddocks of Ulster. Lived in Belfast in my early years. I love the 'red box' music, lately John Brosnan and Annette Owens (as well as James Keane and Bobby ...

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  • Graham Bissett joined 4 years ago
  • Sarah Jane

    Of the blue violin! I play mainly Irish. New to Coldred, Dover after 3 years in Deal. Played in covers bands for years, now have come back to the traditional tunes which I love. Started off life leading the school orchestra...spent many years in Norfolk a...

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  • Rachel H

    I’m from England. I play flute and harp.

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  • Kevin Sanders

    Retired, living in Dover.

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  • David Web

    Melodeon DG and bcc#

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    I live in Kent and play the cello. I've just started to look at traditional music on the cello. Just come back from a visit to Skye inspired to learn more!

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