Members near Trowbridge, England

  • Peter Moorcroft

    I have been learning the fiddle for about one year so far. Although I can read music I’ve got to the point where I want to pick up folk tunes, shanties etc by sound and play them so I’m looking for sound clips to learn.

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  • Kevin Eames

    I’m a Morris dancer from Wiltshire, and I’m a not-too-bad melodeon player - with more enthusiasm than ability. My motivation originally was to play the tunes I learned from my mother, who’s from County Fermanagh, but I also wanted to play English tunes.

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  • Tim joined 9 years ago
  • Cathy Reed

    I’m a fiddle player and wish I’d got into Irish music earlier in life. Hope my enthusiasm makes up for any lack of knowledge/ talent.

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  • Janet1


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  • Matt Claridge

    Originally from West Berkshire but now living in picturesque Wiltshire. I have a pair of folkie ex-Morris Dancers for parents and their musical influences have (eventually) rubbed off on me. I have just started to learn to play the fiddle.

    joined 11 years ago
  • jude jackson

    I’m from Wiltshire, I play accordion and sax

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  • G Bob joined 8 years ago
  • Kevin Garvey

    I play guitar both acoustic & electric. I have played in bands for many years, mainly rock. I also play banjo (a little). While I come from Australia, my parents are Irish. I currently live in rural England & have lived in Ireland.

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  • Barry Milburn

    I started learning to play the low d whistle and it has become a bit obsession already. Following Kerrywhistle’s tutorials and attempting to learn traditional tunes all the time. Love your, site.

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