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  • tunetrapper


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  • JakeH

    Bath, UK.

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  • Beier Guan

    Hello, i am from China originally. I have been studying and working in UK for about 11 years now. I love music and always wanted to learn to play some instrument. I love the sound of violin and have just taught myself how to play it. So a very new beginne...

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  • hen3ryford

    Botanist, database manager, and northumbrian small piper, clarinet and whistles........

  • Anne-louise

    I’m Anne-louise and 54 years old. I’ve had a go at various instruments in my life and have recently taken to trying the tin whistle. I grew up listening to The Dubliners and Clancy Brothers and would love to be able to the play some reels and jigs pr...

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  • Mike Pryor

    I play mandolin and guitar, live in Bath and play with Brejeiro and Bill Smamrma and The Bizness

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  • Giles Lascelle

    Based in Bath UK. Novice tin whistle player.

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  • tradadour

    Flute player from Bath, currently studying for a degree in history at York university

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