Members near Gillingham, England

  • Tim Constable

    I'm based in North Kent, the Medway Towns. I play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin & ukelele.

    joined one year ago
  • David Hodges

    Gillingham, Kent, England

    joined 4 years ago
  • Dom

    I'm a fiddle player from Kent, England. I mainly play Irish/Scottish traditional music.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Gary Rodwell joined 8 years ago
  • sarahsong joined 7 years ago
  • SleepyTurtle

    Beginner English Concertina

    joined 6 years ago
  • michael garcia

    Freebass accordion - living in Kent

    joined 3 years ago
  • Michael D Rose

    I new to the Tin Whistle having played Orarina's for a number of years, started with a Feadog, and a Winston black, and now playing a Tony Dixon Trad. Looking for my next whistle, but waiting until I play the Tony Dixon to a higher standard first.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Laurence Clemons joined 8 years ago
  • Michael John Wood

    Otley, England. I'm a guitarist and found that Ashokan Farewell resonates well in DADGAD (A none standard guitar tuning) I've just written a radio play about the Civil War using mostly my own songs but AF is so strongly associated with it that I want to ...

    joined 8 years ago