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  • Colin Hall

    A fiddle, mandolin and guitar player and in a ceilidh band called Fiddle Paradiddle. Keen to play more sessions!

    joined 8 years ago
  • Nigel Green

    From Redhill, Surrey, UK. Retired databases/programmer. Guitar, bass guitar. Playing in a country dance band with caller, pub band.

    joined 4 years ago
  • dannkenn

    Bodhran player,, play a few folk songs,, also

  • Loram

    South Londoner, whistle player who is now also learning D/G melodeon. I play for a morris side so mostly play English tunes at present, and attend a couple of sessions.

    joined 3 years ago
  • Seamus O'Shea


    joined 5 years ago
  • Folk Of The Wood joined 8 years ago
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  • Palash Davé

    British-Indian film-maker, writer, event-organiser (litfests, music, politics and more) and occasional singer. Great love of the folk musics of these isles....

    joined 6 years ago
  • Krovinsky

    Tin whistle novice .

    joined 7 months ago
  • Bydandpiper

    Hi there,

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