Members near Clevedon, England

  • Jon_bailey

    Portishead based musician.

  • Bybox joined 9 years ago
  • Tony ORourke

    Hi, I’m Tony O’Rourke. Although I’m half Irish (on my Dad’s side) it’s only been in the last 1o years or so that I’v been getting into traditional music - Irish, Scotland, Shetland etc. I play guitar mainly but can also bash out a tune on a mandolin and…

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  • mcginc91

    cittern, octave mandolin, guitar, mandolin.

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  • Mike C

    My name’s Mike, and I’m an Anglo concertina player and guitarist (DADGAD). Based in Cornwall/Devon once again, after a magic couple of years living in Ireland near Kinvara in Co. Galway.

  • Rod Salter

    Low whistles, flutes, tenor, alto, soprano sax, EWI

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  • Linda Hall

    Hello, I live in south Wales and have been playing the nyckelharpa for 2 years, having previously dabbled in recorder, classical guitar, and mandolin, none very successfully. I have finally, in my 60s, found an instrument that I’m happy to play in public …

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  • Grant Sonnex

    Playing the mandolin now, I feel as if I’ve come home after a lifetime with the guitar

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  • Matthew Morrissey

    Live in the uk Bristol Whitchurch and just retired from work so started listening to the whistle on YouTube and was really taken by how popular it is and what great players.Just came across Brian Finnegan and love The 40 year waltz/night ride to Armagh so…

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  • John Mills

    From Bristol UK Violin / fiddle player with a community band - Highly Strung lead by the highly talented Jill Elliot

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