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  • Peter Opheij

    I’m Peter, 56, male, live in the South-East part of the Netherlands.

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  • martinbergmeijer


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  • eugene_se

    From The Netherlands. I have guitars. I try to play them.

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  • Guy Roelofs
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  • Jan van Berlo

    Born in ’62, in the Netherlands.

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  • Peter van Steenderen

    3e Sunday of the month “BOXTELSE IERSE SESSIE”, location B & B, “In Den Boogert”, Oude Boomgaard 3, 5283 VV Boxtel 13.30 till 16.30.

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  • Beer Pijnenburg

    I don’t play an instrument , i’m just a singer of Irish and Shanty songs on different places. ( choir, sessions band etc ).

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