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  • Guy Roelofs
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  • Peter van Steenderen

    3e Sunday of the month “BOXTELSE IERSE SESSIE”, location B & B, “In Den Boogert”, Oude Boomgaard 3, 5283 VV Boxtel 13.30 till 16.30.

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  • Peter Opheij

    I’m Peter, 56, male, live in the South-East part of the Netherlands.

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  • Ad Thijssen

    From the Netherlands

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  • Tomsophiaalfons

    My name is Tom Sophia Alfons Schoeters. I’m 28 years old live in Belgium and in Holland. I play guitar and since short I started playing tin whistle. I write songs and I learn covers

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  • maccruiskeen

    Low whistle, Uilleann Pipes

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  • Jan.vanEijk

    I make traditional folkmusic from the ‘low lands’. Mostly to support traditional folkdancing groups.