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  • tom p farrelly joined 2 years ago
  • Maelstrom

    Yes bhais.

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  • Johnny Cahill

    I'm a 55 year old father of one son who play's badhran with me when I perform.I play guitar,mandola and low d whistle (when there's lots of oxygen around).I play and sing Irish traditional and folk music and song.Semi pro I suppose coz tough to get good (...

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  • James Hanley

    Hi, I'm a returning fiddle player, after a long hiatus, and a beginner guitarist. Based in London, I like a variety of traditional folk, mixing up Irish and British styles and Eastern European gypsy and klezmer.

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  • jmw

    London-based flute player.

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  • Silvia Cavalieri

    Silvia from Italy.

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  • Ashley Drees

    Ashley Drees...

  • Buildingupandtearingenglanddown

    Vocalist, guitarist. Singer.

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  • Ruth Behan

    I play fiddle and in my band ( Billy in the Lowground) I use some American style fiddle playing as it fits better to the songwriters intentions ( its quite a rocky band) I live in Wiltshire now but I'm originally from London. My Dad came from Dublin in 19...

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  • AndyC77

    I'm based in London. Have been a music lover for decades but have yet to master an instrument.

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