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  • jasonhull

    hi - been playing the flute for ……..ouch 21 years!!! well it doesn’t seem that long. Started on classical and in last couple of years have been getting drawn more and more towards folk and irish music.

  • Music Alive

    Music Alive is a charity that creates opportunities with people of all abilities to enjoy music. Quite a few of us play in a diddly way using all kinds of instruments, including accessible music technology and attend sessions at The Red Lion and The Beeh…

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  • mmeads

    Fiddle player from Wiltshire UK

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  • Peter McLoughlin

    I am a double bassist from Cirencester, currently dancing with the Icknield Way Morrismen

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  • BenThackeray

    I’ve been playing 3 row melodeon for a long time (G/D/special tuning), and piano accordion for a while, and used to play plectrum banjo in jazz and folk bands but that has lapsed. Have been trying tuba recently.

  • Talis Kimberley

    I’m a novice fiddler in the South of England, and I’ve been a songwriter and musician for thirty years. The fiddle has been a revelation and obsession and it has taught me so much.

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