Members near Pontypool, Wales

  • Greenwdse

    A Wandering New Yorker living deep in the heart of Dragon Country - Wales. Novice mandolin player. I've been playing for only three years but I'd like to have someone to jam with - whether it's Celtic, Gypsy Jazz, or Americana. Send me an email and say hi...

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  • shiningrain

    Late tin whistle novice player. Age: 5.9. 60 next March.

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  • Linda Simmonds joined one year ago
  • annette stocker

    I dont unfortunately have any musical talents, I am looking to listen to past recordings of my late father. Paddy Breen from kilmihill co.flare Eire. I have heard one of his flute recordings on this site a jig, I know he did some singing as well as flute...

    joined 7 years ago
  • Bob Wood

    Originally from Ayr, Scotland but have lived for many years in London and Surrey.

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  • Frances Harper and

    My name is Fran and I enjoy all traditional instruments and music.Unfortunately I do not play any other instruments.

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  • Katrinapio

    From South Wales. Playing fiddle in Irish trad sessions and ceili band

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  • Chris Gray

    Living in South Wales. Trained as a pianist from the age of four.....but like to experiment with other instruments. Have played hurdy-gurdy; kantele; bowed psaltery; various zithers; celtic harp; some whistles and recorder. Just bought an Uilleann practic...

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  • Daisy joined 8 years ago
  • Bernie KilBride

    Trad Fiddle player based near Abergavenny, Wales, UK. Mixed Celtic repertoire and style.

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