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  • Peter McLoughlin

    I am a double bassist from Cirencester, currently dancing with the Icknield Way Morrismen

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  • BenThackeray

    I've been playing 3 row melodeon for a long time (G/D/special tuning), and piano accordion for a while, and used to play plectrum banjo in jazz and folk bands but that has lapsed. Have been trying tuba recently.

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  • Oldknees


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  • Tony Martin

    Plays banjo & mandolin. Many years in Manchester and Galway, now living in Stroud, Gloucestershire

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  • Mark Harmer

    I live in Gloucestershire, UK and for many years ran an online shop at - mainly specialising in violins and accessories, including a range of tuners, rosins, strings and Incredibows. It was an adventure - and we're currently ...