Members near Bampton, England

  • calumscott

    Player of GDAe strings.

    joined 2 years ago
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  • hoganp

    Whistle player Retired Engineer.

  • david*knight

    Hi, I'm David Knight and I live in Oxfordshire. I'm learning to play the tin whistle and melodeon. It's a steep learning curve for me!

  • Ron Daniel

    I am a returner to fiddle playing, just retired (early), starting to learn about Irish music and would like to improve. Interested in Irish rythmns and how to express these on the fiddle. Can't remember tunes for toffee - but can read music.

    joined 4 years ago
  • Music Alive

    Music Alive is a charity that creates opportunities with people of all abilities to enjoy music. Quite a few of us play in a diddly way using all kinds of instruments, including accessible music technology and attend sessions at The Red Lion and The Beeh...

    joined 7 years ago
  • jasonhull

    hi - been playing the flute for ........ouch 21 years!!! well it doesn't seem that long. Started on classical and in last couple of years have been getting drawn more and more towards folk and irish music.

  • squeezyjohn joined 6 years ago
  • Jakes

    Mediocre but enthusiastic accordion player, raised in Suffolk, stuck in Oxford.

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  • Ian Freeman

    I,m from Wantage. Play Guitar, Mandolin and Bouzouki. Currently play in a band called Hey Joe playing country,bluegrass and Americana music

    joined 8 years ago