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  • shanachie

    Max Bruecher, I’ve been playing traditional Irish music since 1976. My main instrument is the banjo beside mandolin, bass and guitar. You find my own tunes here:

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  • BERT_S

    I play a diatonic accordion, dance music, traditional folk of France and Italy

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  • Mathieu van Gelder

    From the Netherlands, Plays mainly altosaxophone. Picked up guitar and tin whistle recently.

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  • Thomas Vos

    Im totally new to playing music. I bought a tin whistle and some books with sheet music, but I’m still learning the basics of even reading the notes.

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  • Chrisvp

    I’m dutch and live in Germany. I play barockmusic in a group with a flute on a high level and a bit of piano and accordeon. Since february 2009 i’m learning to play the tin whistle now and then.

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