Members near Cheltenham, England

  • Mark Harmer

    I live in Gloucestershire, UK and for many years ran an online shop at - mainly specialising in violins and accessories, including a range of tuners, rosins, strings and Incredibows. It was an adventure - and we’re sporadic…

  • Paul Moisey joined 9 years ago
  • Alex Evans

    I live in Cheltenham and play the whistle (low and high) and mandolins. I’m starting to teach myself the hammered dulcimer.

  • Tom Griffiths

    Hello, I’m from Cheltenham, and I play the fiddle.

    joined 4 months ago
  • Richard Whit

    I live in Cheltenham, Glos and have been known to pull out a whistle and play the odd tune badly or indeed sometimes sing a song. I moved from Ireland to Gloucestershire where I have also been known to dance in the streets with bells attached to my legs!…

  • Richard Everitt

    Hello I am Richard from Cheltenham England, I play guitar and mandolin and have a keen interest in traditional and bluegrass music.

    joined 9 years ago
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  • Cyrn

    Welsh and Irish parents. Brought up on the songs but know little of the tunes. Just bought an octave mandolin and going for it!

    joined 8 years ago
  • Joe Doran

    I play the tin whistle by ear, the badhrain, drums and trying to get my fat fingers on the strings of a guitar.

    joined 7 years ago