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  • Bernhard Krüger

    Please excuse my bad English. I´m from Germany, Saxony Anhalt, Dessau. When I was 5, i heard first time a Violin Concert (Mozart: Kleine Nachtmusik) by a Christmas event and I wished to be a Violinist. I learned at first to play Mandolin and with 10 I b...

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  • Madge Conacher

    I've been running a weekly live acoustic music session in Sachsen Anhalt, Germany since 2010. Born in Scotland to a father of Irish descent and a Scottish Highland mother, I moved to Germany in 2006. I set up this session because I so missed the sessions ...

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  • Maurice Rackwitz

    Hello, my name's Maurice, I'm 26 years old and I'am from Delitzsch (Saxony, Germany). I play Tin Whistle, the Low Whistle and learn the Uilleann Pipes also. Normally I do medieval and folk music from all around Europe with my medieval german bagpipes but ...

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  • ingwey

    Hi, i'm coming from germany and i'm playing Hümmelchen and medieval bagpipe since october 2013.

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