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  • Bas Nieraeth

    Whistle player from the Netherlands. I organise monthly sessions in Cafe de Sport in Delft.

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  • Boyen

    Hello, I'm Boyen, 29 years old, I live in the Netherlands in a city called Gouda.

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  • Reinder

    The Hague, The Netherlands

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  • Ingrid717

    My name is Ingrid from The Haque in the Netherlands.

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  • PEHowland

    Brit living in The Hague, The Netherlands. Play fiddle and English concertina.

    joined 8 months ago
  • paulobrien

    Hi, I'm a singer songwriter from Dublin based in the Netherlands. I play guitar, steel and nylon strings and sing. I perform traditional songs from Dublin and my own material which is firmly rooted in the Dublin tradition.

  • Caspar Roth


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