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  • Alison Macfarlane
  • kybaliona joined 3 years ago
  • KevG

    Beginner on melodeon, D/G. Former morris dancer. Just enjoying playing tunes. In another life I play bass guitar in a blues band.

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  • Simon Bailes

    Based in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

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  • Dr Nicol Murray

    Greetings people,

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  • Richard Bird

    Folk musician and singer from Luton

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  • Will Pascoe


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  • MattRickard


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  • Colin McSkeane

    Started as a Piano Accordion player in Luton back in the 70's, now playing keyboards as part of my home recording digital set-up - including a Roland virtual accordion.

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  • Andrew Rixon

    Hi , new on here but a big fan of Irish trad , played basic chord strumming guitar for many years but just purchased a BC 2 row button accordion and am frantically trying to get my head around it , any help at any level would be appreciated and if anyone ...

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