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  • Tijn Berends

    Climate scientist slash musician from the Netherlands, playing harmonica , bouzouki and concertina.

  • Rob Stuart

    I'm an Englishman in Utrecht (NL). I teach and edit academic English writing and run a private practice as an integrative therapist/counselor.

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  • jan duindam


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  • Bert Oldenburger

    I'm a Dutch music lover from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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  • d r

    Learning the tin whistle "again"after a fifteen year break.I should never have stopped.Ah well.Liveing in Utrecht ,The Nederlands.Trying to get my head around some reel,s.Always found jigs easier.Any tip,s?

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  • Liedeke

    long time lurker, fiddler

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  • Jen Bailey

    Originally from Australia, and grew up partly in the Bush Band scene, as well as being classically trained. We lived in Scotland for six years, and now in the Netherlands, where I play in an informal Irish/Scottish group. My daughter us just taking up Sco...

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