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  • Rudall Cart

    Wooden Flute and whistle player since the 1970s. Dad played the fiddle. Just play Irish tunes along with whatever English, Scottish and French I’ve picked up over the years, but will also listen to absolutely anything. Based in Suffolk, England.

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  • Patrick Keep

    I Play a DG melodeon. Have played at home on and off for many years. Since the melodeon workshop at Rushmere St Andrew in Suffolk, I have discovered the jys of playing with other people. Have started going to the monthly session in Needham Market.

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  • Shepshed

    Player of irish flute since about 1991. Play in regular pub sessions and stand-up performances at folk clubs in Suffolk, UK.

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  • Henry Lawrence

    I play mandolin, guitar and double bass. I am based in Ipswich, (Suffolk, UK) but I go to the west country.

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