Members near Coventry, England

  • Rowan Folk

    I play folk fiddle, classically trained and still play in an orchestra or two. I live in Wales and play mainly Welsh music but it's all good really, I try to learn music from all around the world. I'd like to share my knowledge of tunes and learn from oth...

    joined 6 years ago
  • Mary Mohan

    I’m mainly a classical cellist and early music specialist - baroque cello, viola da gamba, various medieval instruments. I have a pro group called Archaedium and play with Piva Renaissance Collective.

    joined one year ago
  • Carolyn Hall

    More of a recorder player though I used to play tin whistle in a folk group many years ago. Have just bought a Susato high D whistle and keen to get into playing lots of tunes, especially Irish folk music.

    joined one year ago
  • Paul Garner

    Play 6 string banjo, guitar and novice fiddler.

    joined 8 months ago
  • Francis ONeill joined 8 years ago
  • Chris Green

    I'm from Coventry, England and play guitar, mandocello, piano accordion and a variety of early stringed instruments. My main interest is English country dance music from the 17th and 18th centuries.

    joined 8 years ago
  • UncleJack

    Brought up in the English folk scene from birth. Learned Anglo concertina in my dad's home made style, and trying to learn harp properly.

  • Tim Pointer

    I play the Mandolin and Violin.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Julie Wall

    I am from Coventry but have lived in North East Scotland for the last 27 years. I go to a lot of folk sessions up there and prior to lockdown ran one myself at my daughter's bar in Dyce, Aberdeen. Since March I have been caring for my mum and spend half m...

    joined one week ago
  • Andrew Wigglesworth

    Not much to say, I play melodeon ( D/G and a C one row 4 stop) and whistles.