Members near Stokesay, England

  • Raglan88

    Bishops castle, Shropshire.

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  • Kitty Greenwood

    I’m a full-time folk musician and teacher, based near Ludlow, South Shropshire. As well as teaching fiddle, melodeon and anglo-concertina, I run all kinds of workshops and sociable events for folk musicians - see & www.

  • pensca
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  • yowdoo

    live in the Ludlow area of Shropshire. I play the guitar and the Roland FR1X Piano Accordion …. although I would consider myself to be an enthusiastic beginner on the latter instrument. I also have a fairly good singing voice.

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  • sadoldfolkie
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  • Keith Wood

    Playing mainly Irish, also Scottish, French and any other traditional tunes that take my fancy. Regular session goer in South Shropshire and Moray (yes, Scotland). Play (dry-tuned) Piano Accordion.

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  • Phil Heming

    From Redditch many years ago, settled in North Devon over 30 years ago.

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