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  • Fiddle Aunt

    Hi - I'm Mollie. I live in Gt Yarmouth with my husband John, 'The Pianist'. I'm back to the fiddle in retirement. We love traditional music. Message us if you live nearby! :) My fiddle my joy.

  • andypozyczka

    Amateur enthiousiast of traditional music.Play local gigs in Norfolk England and have a Ceilidh Band "Jigsaw". Play a Custom B Continental Chromatic Accordion.

  • The Pianist

    My name is John. Living in Norfolk with my wife (Fiddle Aunt). Have taken up the piano (again) in retirement (pretty heavy:) ). Mainly interested in classical but also in folk and in particular in fiddle accompaniment.

  • Ado

    Recently became the custodian of a Hohner Double Ray button accordion (B/C, 21 button), following the passing of my father in law. Haven't had much success learning other instruments over the years, but have a feel for this and a real desire to learn. Can...

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  • Danny Fiddlesticks

    My name is Dan, I live on a sailing yacht in Lowestoft. I play fiddle and guitar. Sailing, music and pubs are my main interests - combining the three is perfection.

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  • Heidi Smith

    Whistle player. Former irish flute player (bloody RSI). Band Rum Kelter. Sessions in Norwich. I love this site.

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  • peter deric

    Hi I play a vignoni 96 bass accordion not as well as I would like I am mainly a singer big fan of Mick Foster of Foster and Allen so I sing a lot of there songs to people my age as I am retired my children say what I sing is old fashioned and I should sin...

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  • DanielB

    An anglo concertina player now living in Norwich, UK

  • Tim Gent

    I live in Norwich, and have played the fiddle since my teens, ie about 50 years.

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  • frankie joined 4 years ago