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  • Dick Richardson

    John Bailey. I have a six string guitar made for me by John in 1965 which cost me £45.00 – a month's wages then! John had some nice rosewood and was going to cut the depth of the ribs down – I said no, leave them. So I have this beautiful guitar with...

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  • Rob Hill

    Guitar player and singer. Resident artist at Brewood Acoustic Music Club.

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  • ciaránbradley

    Originally from South Armagh, now living in Shropshire. I play a bit of guitar and fiddle.

  • timjellies

    From West Midlands UK, English but keen on Irish Trad Music. Intermediate I suppose, on fiddle progressing at snail's pace, tempus fugit.

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  • patrick manahan

    a self taught fiddle player of some years;self taught music reader too, which becomes obvious after a milisecond or two, no matter, once en- snared by the Irish music and culture there is no escape, so you continue to impose yourself on an unsuspecting ...

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  • Bob Hadley

    I live in Broseley, in Shropshire and I am i n my sixties. I discovered Folk Music on my twentieth birthday and I have been a singer of songs ever since, winning the Gold Medal three times at the Midland Region Fleadh and a bronze medal in the All Britai...

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  • Bobtheuke

    Retired and I collect quality banjos mandolins and ukuleles and various others now to include concertinas. Just starting to learn to play them all!

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